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booksOur Curriculum meets your child’s needs, interest, and developmental stage. We make sure our curriculum can accommodate different learning styles, because each child learns differently. A great curriculum is more than just putting together ideas. It is a collaboration of experience, knowledge, an understanding of children, and proven methods for helping your child to learn and succeed. We offer a complete domain based curriculum that can align with common core, for the young learner. At HBCC we are very proud of this amazing curriculum and I know your child will love it too!

Our preschool curriculum provides an activity for five days week. With this we create a learning environment that reinforces the lesson plan objectives. Each learning domain is skillfully planned to be incorporated in the classroom set up especially for your child’s learning needs.

Curriculum Philosophy

This Curriculum is designed around the widely respected theories of Jean Piaget, an early childhood theorist who believed that young children learn best through hands on, active experience. The teacher’s at HBCC role is to provide an appropriate environment, routine, and materials. Parents can be assured that we are offering children, in this program, everything they need for success in kindergarten and beyond.

Developmental domains