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What are your rates?

Rates are determined based on your family’s child care needs. Contact HB Child Care to make arrangments to meet and tour my family child care program. This way we can make a package rate based on your family’s childcare needs.

Should I select family child home care or child care center?

The type of program that you select should be the one that fits you and your child’s individual needs. You know your child’s personality best. If he or she is most comfortable in a small setting, then a family child care home may work best for him or her. What is most important is that after visiting and observing in the program, it feels like a good fit for your family.

What does it mean when a child care program is nationally accredited?

An accredited child care program has met standards of quality set forth by an accrediting agency. There are several national accrediting organizations for child care programs. Getting accredited is voluntary and usually involves an intensive self assessment as well as an annual observation. Visit for more information.

Do you serve meals and snacks?

Yes. I prepare fresh nutritionally balanced meals and snacks daily. Formula is provided as well. No outside food is allowed.

What is your screen time and media policy?

HB Child Care realizes the importance of technology in today’s world, however our screen time policy is as follows: Children are allowed to use the computer for only 15 minutes during the scheduled time for technology. Our computers have parental controls and only educational software for the children is allowed. Television and computers are used only when directly related to learning experiences. No child has access to the Internet. Children ages 2 and older have a maximum of 1 hour per week of preapproved age appropriate movies. There is no television time during day care hours for children under 2 years of age.