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When we learned that we were pregnant with our daughter four years ago, we began our search for a child care provider early, knowing that it would be difficult to find quality child care in our area. We were referred to HB Child Care by the Maryland Family Network, and Ms. Tonya was the first person we interviewed. It was immediately clear that Ms. Tonya loves what she does. Her enthusiasm shined as she told us about her curriculum that stresses education, exploration, and keeping children active and engaged. We looked into a few other places, including other in-home providers and local child care centers, but HB Child Care was clearly the best choice for us and for our daughter.

Nora has flourished at HB Child Care, learning colors, letters, words, and most importantly, having fun with her friends. We are regularly amazed at what she’s picked up from her friends and from Ms. Tonya’s curriculum. She tells us every day about the books she reads, the colors she learns, the animals she plays with, the plants she helps grow, and the art she creates. Ms. Tonya’s influence is clearly visible in Nora’s development. It should be no surprise, then, that we were thrilled to have the opportunity to enroll our second child at HB Child Care. Andy has an amazing opportunity to learn and develop as Nora has, and we can’t wait to see him grow with HB Child Care and Ms. Tonya.

Rob Benner AIR Air Traffic Control & Landing Systems

“Ms. Tonya and HB Child Care has been a big part of our daughter’s life since she was 2 months old. She enjoys her days with Ms. Tonya and learned so much in her early years. I felt like she came home every week with a new skill! Our daughter is in school now, but looks forward to when she gets to go to Ms. Tonya’s again.”

Travis and Bianca